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Ashbourne - Braemar College


Conveyance Allowance


** Updated 2021 Timetable **

Schools Serviced

Braemar College

Timetable (AM)

Time Stop Location
7:20am450 Central Road
7:35amTrentham Post Office
7:50amSpringhill Road & Coliban Road
7:55amTylden Store
8:09amAshbourne Road & Falloons Road
8:12amAshbourne Road & Daniels Road (AM only)
8:14am Ashbourne Road & South Harper Road
8:15am Ashbourne Road & Ryans Rd 
8:25amBraemar College (Mt Macedon campus)
8:35amBraemar College (Woodend campus)
Timetable (PM)

Time Stop Location
3:40pmBraemar College (Mt Macedon campus)
3:50pmBraemar College (Woodend campus)
4:05pm Ashbourne Road & Ryans Rd
4:07pmAshbourne Road & Robert Road (PM only)
4:10pmAshbourne Road & Redmond Road (PM only)
4:12pmAshbourne Road & Birranes Road (PM only)
4:13pmAshbourne Road & Chambers Road (PM Only)
4:14pmAshbourne Road & Falloons Road
4:25pmTylden Hall
4:35pmTrentham Post Office
4:50pmSpringhill Road & Coliban Road
5:00pm450 Central Road


Last Updated: 2-Feb-2021

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