School Services

Marong - Marist College


This is a private service for Marist College. Speak to Marist College for further information or to enrol your child/ren on this service.

Schools Serviced

Marist College
Timetable (AM)

Time Stop Location
8:16amEvermore Drive
8:20amOrmond Drive
 Maiden Gully
8:26amHermitage Rd
8:30amStockmans Rest & Emmaline Drv
8:32amCnr Monsants Rd & Carolyn Way
8:34amPatricia Crt
8:35amKathleen Terrace
8:37amCnr Edwards Rd & Monsants Rd
8:40amCnr Edwards Rd & Edmarna Way
8:45amMarist College
Timetable (PM)

Time Stop Location
3:30pmMarist College
 Maiden Gully
3:35pmCnr Edwards Rd & Edmarna Way
3:38pmCnr Edwards Rd & Monsants Rd
3:40pmKathleen Terrace
3:41pmPatricia Crt
3:43pmCnr Monsants Rd & Carolyn Way
3:45pmStockmans Rest & Emmaline Drv
3:49pmHermitage Rd
3:55pmEvermore Drive
4:00pmOrmond Drive


Last Updated: 25-Jan-2021

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