School Services

Tylden - Trentham - Kyneton


Service provided by Department of Transport

Schools Serviced

Kyneton SC
Sacred Heart College
Kyneton PS (change bus at Kyneton SC interchange)
Our Lady of the Rosary (change bus at Kyneton SC interchange)
Tylden PS
Timetable (AM)

Time Stop Location
7:48amSerendipity, Trentham Road
7:52amWalsh's Farm, Trentham Road
8:00amTrentham Post Office
8:06amTrentham-Springhill Road & Rothes Lane
 Spring Hill
8:09amTrentham-Springhill Road & Paradise Valley Road
8:10amTrentham-Springhill Road (Garner's)
8:12amTrentham-Springhill Road & Tylden-Springhill Road
8:15amTylden-Springhill Road & Coliban Road
8:25amKyneton-Trentham Road (Tylden Church)
8:28amTylden Primary School
8:40amKyneton Secondary College
Timetable (PM)

Time Stop Location
3:43pmKyneton Secondary College
4:00pmTylden Primary School
4:03pmKyneton-Trentham Road (Tylden Church)
4:06pmSerendipity, Trentham Road
4:10pmWalsh's Farm, Trentham Road
4:13pmTrentham Post Office
4:17pmTrentham-Springhill Road & Rothes Lane
 Spring Hill
4:18pmTrentham-Springhill Road & Paradise Valley Road
4:20pmTrentham-Springhill Road (Garner's)
4:22pmTrentham-Springhill Road & Tylden-Springhill Road
4:25pmTylden-Springhill Road & Coliban Road
Last Updated: 25-Aug-2022

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