School Services

East Trentham - Kyneton


Service provided by Public Transport Victoria

Schools Serviced

Kyneton SC
Sacred Heart College
Kyneton PS (change bus at Kyneton SC interchange)
Our Lady of the Rosary (change bus at Kyneton SC interchange)
Tylden PS
Timetable (AM)

Time Stop Location
7:57amJames Lane & Rippers Lane (Fern Hill)
8:00am404 James Lane
8:04amJames Lane (Fern Hill)
8:06amJames Lane & O'Connells Road(before O'Connells Road)
8:07amJames Lane & O'Connells Road
8:09amGleeds Lane & O'Connells Road
8:10amPearsons Lane (near Gleeds Lane)
8:13amChanters Lane & Ashbourne Road
8:16amThistledome, Chanters Lane
8:19amChanters Lane (Mt View Stop)
8:22amTylden-Woodend Road & Harpers Lane
8:24amTylden Primary School
8:28amKyneton-Trentham Road (near Premier Mine Road)
8:32amKyneton-Trentham Road (near Central Road)
8:40amKyneton Secondary College
Timetable (PM)

Time Stop Location
3:43pmKyneton Secondary College
3:47pmKyneton Railway Station
3:50pmKyneton-Trentham Road (near Premier Mine Road)
3:51pmTylden Primary School
3:54pmTylden-Woodend Road & Harpers Lane
3:59pmChanters Lane (Mt View Stop)
4:01pmThistledome, Chanters Lane
4:02pmChanters Lane & Ashbourne Road
4:04pmPearsons Lane (near Gleeds Lane)
4:10pmPig & Whistle Hotel (East Trentham)
4:12pmPearsons Road (near Gleeds Lane)
4:14pmJames Lane & O'Connells Road
4:17pmGleeds Lane & O'Connells Road
4:23pmJames Lane (Fern Hill)
4:25pmJames Lane & Rippers Lane (Fern Hill)
4:24pmJames Lane & Rippers Lane
Last Updated: 29-Dec-2022


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